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Cornilleau 500M Indoor/Outdoor Slate Table Tennis
Cornilleau 500M Crossover Indoor/Outdoor Slate Table Tennis
Price: $1,920.00
SALE $1,597.00

Cornilleau Sport 500M Outdoor Slate Table Tennis 135907.
  • Table Materials: Table Top 22mm of high density chipboard.
  • Frame: (under the table top) Corrosion / Scratch-resistant steel 50mm.
  • Undercarriage: Steel & Thermoplastic Polymer.
  • Legs: Arched 12.0mm x 6.0mm.
  • Net & Posts: ABS fixed integrated to carriage with adjustable height/tension.
    Additional Information:
  • Comes with DSI Safety system Comes with Compact Technology System Leg levellers allow height adjustment and a flat playing surface even on uneven ground Corner protectors for added safety.
  • Ball dispenser under table Suitable for indoor use only.
  • Playback facility, allows you to practise by yourself Net included, which stays on table even when folded.
  • Bats and balls storage built into the table frame.
  • 10 year warranty – 2016 Outdoor Table collection

    The warranty starts on the day of purchase and applies to all Crossover tables. It covers all the table parts (except for wheels, posts and nets). We guarantee our outdoor table tops against any distortion, peeling or fading of white stripes.

    10 year warranty – Outdoor table tops for collection prior to 2016 (including special offers)

    The warranty starts on the day of purchase. We guarantee our outdoor panels against any distortion, peeling or fading of white stripes.

    3 year warranty

    The warranty starts on the day of purchase for both indoor and outdoor tables.

    The warranty is limited to the supply of defective parts/components approved by our customer service team and is not applicable in case of damages caused by:

    • Normal part wear
    • Wrong assembly of the part (by the customer or a third party)
    • Lack of maintenance
    • Use of corrosive products for maintenance
    • If the safety and user guidelines have not been properly followed
    • If the table collapses due to strong wind in a folded position
    • If the table has been put upside down or carried alone
    • Any other external factor non-related to the quality of the table